What types of IRA accounts does Jamestown Invest support?

  • We are working with a third-party IRA custodian, AltoIRA, which supports the following self-directed IRA accounts:
    • Traditional
    • Roth
    • SEP
  • You can invest through a self-directed IRA account by checking the box “I will be investing with a self-directed IRA” in the Investment Profile section at the beginning of your subscription process and following the steps provided. Detailed steps can also be found here.
  • You will have to create a new self-directed IRA account with AltoIRA (if you do not already have an account with AltoIRA) and fund it either through a direct cash contribution, transfer from an existing IRA account, or rollover from an existing 401(k) 403(b), or 457(b) retirement account from a previous employer. Before making any investment decisions, we suggest consulting with a financial advisor.
  • If you have an existing IRA with another provider, you will still need to open an account with AltoIRA, as the vast majority of IRA plans will not support investments in non-publicly traded opportunities like those offered through Jamestown Invest. The current self-directed IRA investing option for Jamestown Invest is AltoIRA.   
  • For a complete list of Investor Support FAQs regarding an investment through AltoIRA, please see the AltoIRA Investor Support page.
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