How long will it take to fund my IRA investment?

  • Funding your IRA investment in Jamestown Invest 1, LLC can be done in as few as 7 calendar days from creating your Alto IRA account. All newly created IRA accounts require a minimum 7 calendar day waiting period, as dictated by the IRS.
  • During this waiting period, you will need to fund your Alto IRA. This can be done with a direct contribution, IRA transfer, or IRA/401k rollover. A direct contribution can be done by wire or ACH. If you choose to wire your funds, AltoIRA will receive them the same day. An ACH transfer will typically take between 5-7 days to settle. If you are transferring or rolling over an existing retirement savings account into a new self-directed retirement account with AltoIRA, your funding process may take longer depending on your existing custodian. AltoIRA’s support team will work with you directly to ensure account funding happens as efficiently as possible.
  • For more information regarding the timing of fund transfers specific to your existing IRA custodian, please click here.
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